How Create Your Desktop Hotspot and share your network in windows 10

So, Welcome again in my website called and I am Sambit. I am share an idea about how to share your desktop hotspot in windows 10.

Device for Desktop hotspot in Windows 10:

Sometimes we need a router but this time I don’t have router but I have to by a small device called mini wify receiver for my personal use. Yes, you should buy this mini wify receiver for you. It can help you to connect devices or network to your pc but in Windows 10, you have an option to choose and share your network too. Surprisingly you can share your receiving network simultaneously.

Procedure to share desktop network through hotspot in Windows 10:

You have to plug in an usb port of your desktop after purchasing your mini wify receiver. May be some device do not required any additional software or driver. So, I refer to update your windows first. Windows 10 would automatically detect your mini receiver and start working in a second.
This Wi-Fi symbol start showing you on the bottom site of the right corner status bar. You have to click on it and choose your network you want to connect through wi-fi.

After connecting you can see the other two option beside Wi-Fi under network & Internet Settings. These are Airplane mode, and other one is Mobile Hotspot. You have to click Mobile Hotspot to start your desktop hotspot.

Now you have to right click on it and click ‘Go To Settings’ to configure hotspot name and password.

A page comes like this name ‘Mobile Hotspot’. You can see the picture Share my internet connection with other devices is on. But Share my internet connection from is by default. After this you have to click on edit option to setup/change network name, and network password. You can see under edit option ‘Devices connected: 0 of 8’. It means you have not connected yet and you can connect upto 8 devices at a time. You can turn off the power saving mode to create a high range powerful hotspot like a router.

After click on ‘Edit’, you can see this type of screen comes on your desktop. It gives you chance to Edit Network Info you can see in the picture. Under network name you can create a name of your desktop wifi hotspot and under you will find and create minimum 8 characters password. Strong password make you safe. Finally click on save.

Now connect with device and enjoy.

You can also share your usb tethering network which is connected with your tab or smartphone. The remaining procedure is same in Windows 10.

Why should you use your desktop hotspot and buy a mini wifi receiver?

You can see there a good features to connect with your desktop wifi to other upto 8 devices at a time. You don’t need a router. A good router takes a space and not movable like mini wifi receiver. So, you can unplug it any time you want to make safe internet from you children. A strong hotspot password can save your computer, otherwise hacker nearby you can access your data. A router good cost Rs.1000 to Rs.5000 plus money.


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