Should You Buy Ink tank printer if your budgets are 8,000 and above?

Ink Tank Refilling System In Ink Tank Printer

Ink tank Printer means refillable ink cartage inside the printer. You will understand Why You should buy an ink tank printer if your budget is near 10,000 or more when you read this article.

Let me introduce myself then I can explain everything better way for you. I am a blogger but my father has a printing shop, I am also helping him in his shop. I am also having separate printers for various works. Surprisingly I have 3 ink tank printers. I love the print quality and low ink costs. I also make photocopy with those printers.

One Is My Old Epson L220 Ink tank Printer :

I bought it from an online store at Rs.10,000 in 2015. It is still running and I don’t need any extra costs for maintaining this printer. The quality of printing is very good and I love this printer. Original black ink cartage gives around 2500 to 3200 copy prints. Costs are around 10 paise per page. Colour also gives a good amount of color copy (20 paise). Overall I love this printer. This printer cannot print borderless.

Second One is My Ink tank Photo Printer Canon G3000:

This printer is much powerful and costs around 11,000. I purchase it from the online store. I love this printer because of its low costs printing and borderless printing features. Borderless printing features are best for my photographs or family album. Costs 8 paise for black & white print, 15 paise for color print.

The third one is my big Epson L1455 ADF A3+ Ink tank Printer:

This is my workforce type of printer. I purchase this printer at RS.67,000 from an online store. This printer is for my professional work in my shop. It works faster than other printers. It can scan and printerA3+ size (13*19). This printer support pigment ink and costs are the same as low budgets ink tank printers. So, many Features in this printer which can not possible to explain in this article.

As I am using these ink tank printers, it costs so low than I expected. I make a photocopy for Rs.1 only. You can imagine how much price saving it is.

The quality of the printer is superior. You will find the printer quality is much higher than a laser printer.

Why I am referring you to buy Ink tank printer:

  • You can printers at lower costs than other laser printers.
  • The printing output is very good comparing to the laser printers.
  • The ink tank gives you the flexibility to print more copies.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Portability features.
  • Print speed little bit slower than a laser printer because of its printed quality.
  • Some ink tank printers have direct photocopy features.
  • Maintenance costs are near zero.
  • Long run budget-friendly.

So, the overall Ink tank printer gives you more flexibility and low-cost efficiency. You can use it as a photocopier. The Colour printer can make color Xerox and also black and white Xerox. Speed is much slower than the Xerox machine but many costs efficient prints you can get.

The best thing you can cover by some cloth and increase the longevity of your ink tank printer. Hope you understand why you should buy an Ink tank printer for your professional or long term work. Comment down and feel free to ask any questions. We will meet soon.


Hi, I am Sambit. A passionate blogger since 2012. I will share my ideas whatever small or big about technology. Hope you will find some helpful topic and we could be your good friend.

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