You Should Have these essentials of COVID-19 Medical Care Kit

The increasing cases of COVID-19 have made it more evident and necessary for one and all to have all the vital medications and equipment in the home for primary health care. In a number of instances where people who are testing positive, and have less to nil complications, have been advocated home quarantine. This international outbreak has made it a norm for you to have the ability to take care of ourselves, especially when it is unsafe to even see physicians for check-ups. The need of the hour is to understand the importance of first aid kits with all of the requirements that one would require during retrieval from coronavirus or symptoms very similar to this disorder.

Following are the essentials of COVID-19 Medical Care Kit At Home:

The most important is to have the Arogya Setu Program to know if there are any instances around you for more precautions. Keep assessing the app for the latest updates on the number of instances across you and reach out to the helpline numbers offered in the app for further assistance in case of any queries. Aside from that, the following are the Vital things that one should have within their COVID-19 care kit in your home:

  • Paracetamol: This medication is specifically given to treat fever and pain, typically mild to moderate in character. However, before taking any drugs, one needs to consult with the physician for prescription online.
  • Betadine: COVID-19 virus mainly passes through the nose or throat, the consequence of that could also be reduced with the support of mouthwash and betadine gargles. This antiseptic liquid protects against many different germs.
  • Vitamin C and Zinc: once we cite coronavirus, the very first reason could be due to compromised immunity. Hence, those guessed with COVID-19 or suffering from it should keep up with their supplement intake, including Vitamin C zinc supplements as these immunity boosters might help recuperate from COVID-19 and other viral infections. These supplements should be taken once every day, preferably in the morning.
  • Giloy: Another immunty booster, The medicinal properties of Giloy help cure several diseases according to Ayurveda.
  • Kadha: According to Minstry of Ayush, one must take kadha (Ayurvedic drink) for nboosting immunity. However, caution must be taken as many all kadha’s are warm. Consequently, it ought to be taken only twice in a day. Excess of kadha can lead to gut difficulties.
  • B Complex Tablets: Viral infections signifies a weaker immunity, less energy and much more fatigue. Therefore, one must take B Complex capsules (after consulting a physician ). These capsules supplement your body with the required eight nutrients in the body.

Breathing Exercises Tips For COVID-19

  • As soon as we state COVID-19 or similar viral diseases, breathing problem is among the significant symptoms that one needs to brave. Difficulty in breathing can undoubtedly make it difficult for one to remain mentally stable, giving rise to stress and anxiety much more! Some tips to follow for breathing exercises:
  • Sit in a silent, also which has natural air and light. Try to sit away from areas with smoke, dust or other harmful particles.
  • Sit Siddhasana, in this way your chest is slightly outwards, as well as the spine directly.
  • Exhale and inhale slowly. Don’t use pressure as it may make breathing even harder.

Read below to know the Essential cure for COVID-19 while in your home:

  • Nose-related: The recovery in such instances is fastest and may require inhaling steam and Vitamin C. In this phase, there’s generally no fever and may also be asymptomatic.
  • Throat-Related: This starts with a sore throat and also will require the individual to warm water gargles. In the event of fever, one could be advised to take paracetamol by the doctor.
  • Lung-Related: In these situations, the individual may experience difficulty in breathing. After breathlessness happens, one needs to immediately rush to a hospital since the individual may need to be given oxygen. Don’t take this point lightly as it might result in something serious.

Vital Medical Equipment For Home Care for Covid-19

  • Other than medications that are essential, one needs to also be outfitted with some essential home-care equipment to check the basic vitals of the body. Therefore, listed below are some essential, convenient and affordable medical gear that one should have at home to check Many vitals:
  • Pulse Oximeter: This really is one of those essential medical equipment required for COVID-19 care and testing at home. This device operates by inserting a finger on this clip-like gear to assess the level of oxygen in your blood. This device shows how well your heart is working. You know that the heart acts as an oxygen flow through the body. It tells the heartbeat, pulse rate and the rate of oxygen within the body.

TIP: You ought to monitor the oxygen levels. The normal range is between 98-100. If it drops until 43, the patient might require immediate access to oxygen cylinders, which can be bought for home use too. Additionally, this apparatus can be found on lease.

  • Infrared Thermometer: The newest era thermometers do not need to be inserted in the mouth or beneath the arms for assessing the temperatures. These infrared thermometers help assess the body temperature from a distance. Special attention is given to the look of this gadget. It’s an LCD screen, which makes it simpler to take temperature readings.
  • Mobile ECG Machine: Today it’s very possible to have an ECG machine at home, particularly for those homes with individuals with heart problems. ECG or even the electrocardiogram evaluation is done to look at the electrical activity of the heart and detect any abnormalities.

An individual ought to maintain a check on their BP in times such as these as abrupt variations in blood pressure can lead to other complications. Remember to dismiss the first reading of a digital monitor system. The next reading is more or less the correct reading. Additionally, take two to three readings and also make a note corresponding to your last reading. Most BP machines offer fluent readings, and hence it’s possible to get reliable readings on average, two readings.


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